Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to apply for the study stay abroad? and for the double degree?

Here I have a question from a prospective student: "Hello, I am finding out about this master and it is not clear to me how I apply to the different possibilities. I'd like to course one year in Berlin or at least one stay abroad. How can I choose the year in Berlin? (I've seen that it's only for 10 students) and, concerning the stay abroad. is it possible for all students?   or there are limited places? Thank you very much for your time, I am waiting for your response."

Students who wish to apply for the double degree with SRH Berlin (Germany) or IBS Paris or Bordeaux (France) should: 

  • Enroll as a student of the Master in Economics.
  • Submit to the call to be published in October - November to be selected (6 students can go to IBS and 5 to SRH). 
  • Selection is based on:
    1. Language level in English. 
    2. Marks. 
    3. Language of the country.

  • Language requirement: 

- For IBS: credential of B2 in English. B1 in French language is also recommended.

- For SRH: credential of B2 in English. B1 in GERMAN language is also recommended.  SRH reserves the right to examine the application of students who submit a FCE with Grade C on an individual basis in cooperation with their language center. Grade B and Grade A of the FCE will be immediately accepted as a proof of sufficient English language skills.

Regarding Erasmus stays during 2016 / 2017, a call for application is also published in November for different destinations with the same requirements. The number of places is limited, but so far, it has not been covered in any year.
Information for prospective students 

The Master’s in Economics (MEIM) is a postgraduate programme fully taught in English. 
MEIM offers very high quality graduate education under the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) standards on the basis of the Departments of Economics, Quantitative Methods and Business Management at the University of Granada.
How to apply?

All the information about dates, pre-enrollment, enrollment and guidelines can be found at the following link:

Information for prospective students

Recommended profile for admission

  • An essential requirement to study the Master’s Degree in Economía/Economics is to have proof of Level B1 in English (or of higher education conducted in English), or equivalent (TOEFL iBT (42-71), PBT (457) or IELTS (4-5), etc). Tables of certificates accepted by the University of Granada in the following link

  • A basic knowledge of Spanish language is also recommended (DELE B1).
  • With HIGH preference, the Master’s Degree in Economía/Economics is aimed at graduates in Economics and in Business Administration and Management as well as any student holding a degree closely related to these subjects. 
  • With MEDIUM preference, admission will also be allowed to graduates in: Marketing & Market Research, Labour Relations, Accounting and Finance, Statistics or Mathematics, as well as any student holding a degree closely related to these subjects. 
  • With LOW preference, admission will also be allowed to graduates in: Tourism Management, Environmental Science, as well as any student holding a degree closely related to these subjects.
  • Those graduates who are admitted to the Master’s Degree with qualifications of low or medium preference are recommended to study all the first-trimester subjects. 

The applications received will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Average grade/mark of the applicant’s academic record, for which a copy is required of the certificates of subjects, qualifications and credits attained at bachelor degree level or the degree that gives entry to the Master’s Degree. (50%).
  2. Evaluation of CV: professional and research experience, accreditation of English higher than B1, accreditation of level in French or German, etc. (30%).
  3. Master’s Degree Commission Report. For this report, the following will be taken into account: the student’s cover letter (motivation letter), the grades obtained in the bachelor’s degree in the subjects related to the Master’s subjects, recommendation letters, etc. (20%) 


The master program will take into account up to two reference letters to our applicants. These letters must be confidential, written in English, and sent directly to the Master Coordinator. Referees are requested to submit their letter in pdf format by email to In order to be able to manage all the applications we receive, please, use the subject “REFERENCE LETTER [STUDENT’S NAME]” for the email and the label “REFERENCE LETTER [STUDENT’S NAME] [YOUR NAME]” as the pdf’s name.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Placement rate of graduates of the Master in Economics

The University of Granada has just published the result of the study about the insertion in the  labour market in 2015 of alumni who graduated in 2013 and 2014 (*/noticias-48/presentados-estudios-de-insercion-del-observatorio-ocupacional-de-la-universidad-de-granada )
As regards the Master Economics, the results are excellent as you can see in the following data. In particular, the unemployment rate was of 0% after two years and lower than 10% one year after the graduation.  
Situation of graduates in Masters from the UGR (2012-2013), 2 years after graduation (09/30/2015)

M.U Social Science / Ciencias sociales
M.U. en Economía/Economics
Rate of labor market insertion
Rate of job demand
Evolution of the rate of job demand
Unemployment rate
Evolution of the registered unemployment rate

Situation of graduates in Masters from the UGR (2013-2014), 1 year after graduation (09/30/2015) 

M.U Social Science / Ciencias sociales
M.U. en Economía/Economics
General description (nb of students)
Employment Status
Job demand rate
Registered unemployment rate
Average time in the registration of the first contract (days)
Percentage of geographical mobility
Index of over-qualification of the first contract
Temporality index of the first contract
Index of parcial time of the first contract