Thursday, January 19, 2017

SEMINAR: "Taller de Competencias Transversales
With Rafael Peregrín. 

This seminar will explain the necessary skills that a student must have at the time of entering the labor marketThe presentation will explain the general concept of competence and the most important skills demanded by the labor market that you need to develop for your careerAlso, it will analyze the system of evaluation of skills and the dynamics of the competences. 

The seminar will be taught in the classroom E09, 
on the Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales on January 20th at 8:30 

We hope it will be of your interest.  

Monday, January 9, 2017

Dear students:
The "Centro de Lenguas Modernas" (CLM) and the Faculty of Business and Economics organize a 30-hours English course for Master's students from the Faculty of Business at UGR. This course is highly recommended for students who choose the ERASMUS option or the double master degree with SRH (Germany) or IBS (France). 4 students from this master have been selected to benefit from a course of either B2 or C1 levels.
This course benefits from the financial support from the Faculty of Business and Economics and the University of Granada. The course fee to be paid by the students will be around 60-75 euros.
Classes will take place from 2.30 pm to 4 pm at the Faculty and will start on February 13th.

Some places are still available. If you are interested in improving your English level please send us an email BEFORE Wednesday January 12th to

Please indicate:
•certified English level 
•if you apply for Erasmus or Double degrees for next course

Dear students

As you certainly know, you have been selected for the double degree. I would
like to congratulate you for that. Final resolutions can be seen here:*/masteres/resolucion-definitiva-de-la-comision-de-seleccion-sobre-seis-plazas-para-la-movilidad-de-estudiantes-en-el-programa-de-doble-titulo-internacional-de-mu-economia-economics-de-la-ugr-y-mu-de-ibs-business-schollfrance*/masteres/resolucion-definitiva-de-la-comision-de-seleccion-sobre-cinco-plazas-para-la-movilidad-de-estudiantes-en-el-programa-de-doble-titulo-internacional-de-mu-economia-economics-de-la-ugr-y-mu-de-srh-hochschule-berlin

SEMINAR: "Innovate to Start a firm? Start a firm to innovate?" With Javier Tafur (ESCP Europe Business School)

Javier Tafur is managing director and professor at ESCP Europe Business School after years of work experience as a Practitioner and manager across multiple domains. He has been internationally trained as an Engineer and Consultant, he is focused on advanced business services, innovative activities and technology based entrepreneurship.

The seminar focused on the importance of creating or improving services or products always thinking in the benefit that the consumer will obtain by choosing your product and the extra value that you can give to a new business and how you will be adding ideas across the time to keep growing. The presenter underlines how important is to help or look for help between other entrepreneurs to develop ideas even if you get a monetary revenue or just the most important part that is acquiring knowledge, that will lead you to develop your own ideas.

The seminar was taught in the classroom E09 on the Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales on December 16th at 12:30

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Students' representatives

We inform you that the following students have been elected today as representatives of the students of the master:
  • MARTA RIQUELME MEDINA in the Academic Committee (CAM)  
  • GABRIEL CONDE LEITE VICENTE in the  Internal Committee fro Quality's Guarantee  (CIGC) 
Congratulations to them! and welcome!
Kind regards
Academic Committee

Erasmus call: deadline November 14th

Erasmus programme
Destimations for students from the Master in Economics or Doble Master ICCP Economics:
Nº Orden
Nombre Institución
Nº students
Nº months
Requisites Language
German (B1) English
German (B1) English  (B1)
German (B2) English (B2)
English (B1)

This Erasmus programme is for mobility to be realised during this course (2016/2017) for several months. This is independant of the Erasmus funding granted to students admitted in the Doubel Masters with IBS or SRH.

Applications will only be submitted electronically through the application enabled within the identified access of the University of Granada (Universidad de Granada(Portal de Programas de Intercambio)). Candidates will Access using the ID number (DNI or NIE) or  number with which they are enrolled and the PIN provided by the International Graduate School.

During the application period, certifications of linguistic knowledge must be presented.

Calendar of the call

- Deadline for submission of applications: from 3 to 14 November 2016

- Publication of provisional lists: November 18, 2016

- Deadline for submission of allegations: Until 25 November 2016

- Publication of definitive lists: December 1, 2016

- Deadline for acceptance or resignation: until December 8, 2016

More information about the Erasmus grants at (in Spanish) :

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Double degrees with IBS (France) and SRH (Germany): MEETING on Thursday November 10th 12:45 in E09

Tomorrow, the academic committee will meet with the students interested in the Double degrees. If you already applied or wish to apply, your attendance is important.
You may be interested in reading some answers to FAQ concerning this topic:
You can find the call, the application form and more information about:
Double Master’s Degree in Economics and International Management with SRH here:
- Double Degree Program in Management (IBS UGR)
Deadline for submission of applications: from 3rd to 11th, November, 2016.
Academic committee