Friday, June 23, 2017

Marta Riquelme Medina, student of the Faculty, Andalusian Prize for the Best Academic Trajectory University in the field of Business Administration and Management

Don Braulio Medel Cámara, President of the Unicaja Banking Foundation, Mr. Eugenio Domínguez Vilches, Rector of the Unicaja Banking Foundation National University of Andalusia, Mrs. Adelaida de la Calle Martín, Mr. Sergio Corral Delgado, General Director of the Banca Unicaja Foundation, Mr. Santiago Herrero León, Secretary of the Chancellor of the Academy, acting as Secretary, by virtue of the academic trajectories and merits provided, unanimously decided to grant:

Andalusian Prize for the Best University Academic Trajectory in the field of Business Administration and Management:

Doña Marta Riquelme Medina (University of Granada)

The Andalusian University Academic Paths Awards, organized by the Unicaja Banking Foundation and the Academy of Social Sciences and the Environment of Andalusia, aim to reward and promote educational, cultural and research trajectories that contribute To the business, economic, cultural and social development of Andalusia.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dear partners

Eva Peña Moleón, is a graduate student of the Master in Economics at the University of Granada, who, under the supervision and support of the professors who taught some of the classes during the program, was able to find the motivation in her advice to start a Search of practices during the master, practices that carry out a stable work in a company of prestige.

"I have been in Danone for a week now at the headquarters in Barcelona, ​​working as Stagiaire in the Operations Department in the area of ​​Master Data. I am in charge of controlling information on Suppliers and Materials at Danone Iberia (Spain and Portugal) , And I'm working with SAP and ORSoft.
"I wanted to let you know this to thank you and to continue transmitting to your students that illusion to be able to achieve what one proposes, since it is really possible to achieve it."
We hope that the experience of Eva will be transmitted to all students of today and future of the Master in Economics of the University of Granada to achieve their goals.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dear students,

We want to congratulate you for having reached the end of your undergraduate studies and take the opportunity to inform you about the master's degrees that you have available in our Faculty.

Through the page of the International School of Postgraduate, you have access to the webs of each of the official masters, while for the own masters the information is in the Web of the General Foundation UGR -Company (we remind you to include in the search all masters, even those of closed enrollment).

On Thursday, May 18, an informative talk was organized in the Grades Hall of our Faculty for interested students, where the coordinators of the following titles will present each master's degree (subject structure, teaching staff, temporary planning, cost, etc.).

The timetable for the presentation of each title and its website is indicated below.

• University Master in Auditing (exempts from the theoretical test of access to ROAC) 
Coordinator of the master's degree: Lázaro Rodríguez Ariza
Information talk time: 12: 50-13: 10
• Master's Degree in Economics and Business Organization (double degree ESC Dijon) 
Coordinator of the master's degree: Juan Alberto Aragón Correa; Nuria E. Hurtado Torres
Information talk time: 11: 50-12: 10
• Master's Degree in Economics / Economics (taught in English) 
Master's coordinator: Juliette Milgram Baleix
Information talk time: 12: 10-12: 30
• Master's Degree in Marketing and Consumer Behavior (face-to-face group and virtual group) 
Coordinator of the master's degree: Ana Isabel Polo Peña
Information talk time: 9: 30-9: 50
• Master's Degree Quantitative Techniques in Business Management (with on-site or virtual option) 
Coordinator of the master's degree: Juan Francisco Muñoz Rosas
11: 30-11: 50
• Master's Degree in Business Process Management and Technology (taught in the Computer and Telecommunication EST) 
Coordinator of the masters: María Visitation Hurtado Torres, José Samos Jiménez
Information talk time: 12: 30-12: 50

• Master's Degree in Tourism Management and Management
Master's coordinator: Víctor García Morales
Information talk time: 10: 30-10: 50
• Master's Degree in Online Marketing and Social Media Strategies 
Coordinator of the master's degree: Francisco J. Liébana Cabanillas
Information talk time: 10: 10-10: 30
• Master's Degree in Applied Neuromarketing 
Coordinator of the master's degree: Francisco J. Montoro Ríos
Information talk time: 9: 50-10: 10
• Master's Degree in Digitization of Human Resources  (Pending approval)
Coordinator of the master's degree: Víctor García Morales; Mª Eugenia Senise Barrio
Information talk time: 10: 50-11: 10
• Expert in Management and Management of Commercial Distribution Companies. Food Sector. EXDICO Food (taught at the COVIRAN School of Commerce) 
Coordinator of the master's degree: Mª Mercedes Romerosa Martínez, Juan José Sabio Oliveros
Information talk time: 11: 10-11: 30

We also have an email for general postgraduate inquiries at our Faculty (, or you can follow us on Facebook ( or Twitter (https: / / /

I hope this information is of interest to you.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Dear students,
To facilitate the TFM process, please remember that accessing the "Databases and downloading software" section of the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences has access to different resources for research and teaching ( / -> Log in to the page at the bottom left - if you do not have a password you can request> Research and Postgraduate-> Databases and software download):
Some of the programs that can be downloaded are: Qualtrics, SmartPLS, STATA14 or AMOS Graphics. Among the databases, we would like to point out that Orbis has been acquired, in addition to having multiple databases with financial information (eg Chelem, Datastream) or more generic in the business environment (eg Compustat Global, SABI, EXECUCOMP).


Friday, March 10, 2017

SEMINAR: "Emotional Qualities for the Team work" With Manuel Prados

Manuel Prados he obtained a degree in psychology and master in social intervention psychology, psychology of violence, emergencies and disasters. Currently is member of the team first intervention (EPI) in Tax Agency. Thanks to scholarship AUIP (Asociacion Universitaria Iberoamaeicana de Postgrado), has also been Professor for the Tax Agency, he also has worked in "Team work" and “Control of the stress techniques” courses.

He has participated in different projects such as "Objective Brain" and congresses among include them "European chemoreception Research Organization", "Consortium of Clinical Neuropsychology (CNC) " and "Association of neuropsychologists clinical of centres of the national public system (SPNA)".

The seminar aimed to main emotional criteria for the management of teams for the first established are the characteristics, functions and objectives the group based on individual motivation. By the seminar focused on highlighting the main tips to learn on different levels, learning, creativity and expertise.

The seminar was taught in the classroom E28 on the Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales on march 10th at 12:30.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

SEMINAR: "Resources 2.0 for the Search of Employment" With Antonio Lozano
It is a brief review of different tools that facilitate the achievement of 3 objectives:
  1. Perform better searches and more effective.
  2. Filter and Organize all the resources and information that we access on the Internet. 
  3. Spread our image on the network trying to convey a proficient and professional profile.

To achieve these 3 objectives we will review different tools:
  1. To search: meta-search engines, specialized search engines, multi-search engines.
  2. To organize: content aggregators, web aggregators, alert systems, news channels, Internet 2.0 warehouses.
  3. To disseminate: online business cards, social/professional networks, specialized networks, forums, blog and personal web.

The final idea of ​​the seminar is that each student selects tools, only those that facilitate the achievement of their objectives and design what is called a Custom Insertion Environment, that is, a favorable network communication environment.

The seminar will take place on Friday March 3rd at 8:30 in the classroom E28 of the
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales.
New position of Professor Leonardo Roberto Caruana De las Cagigas.

From the master in Economics, we are proud to inform you that Professor Leonardo Roberto Caruana De las Cagigas from the area of Economic History of the department of Theory and Economic History at University of Granada and professor of the Master in Economics, has been appointed Subdirector for the universities' coordination at the Ministry of Education since the first of February.

Professor Leonardo commented us in what his new position will consist in:

"I will be working in the Coordination of all the Spanish Universities and the general statics of them. My work has two parts, on the one hand, a very nice aspect is the preparation of statistics of the activity in all the Universities, that is the students who are in each Faculty, Degree, Master, etc. As well as all the professors who teach. In relation to the teaching staff, there are also data about research statistics. Finally, about the Administration and Service.

My other task is to coordinate all the universities in the country like that we can improve this with the understanding among all Autonomous Communities. This work is certainly necessary, but personally I find it more complex."

 We wish him the best in this new challenging professional step.