Thursday, November 10, 2016

Students' representatives

We inform you that the following students have been elected today as representatives of the students of the master:
  • MARTA RIQUELME MEDINA in the Academic Committee (CAM)  
  • GABRIEL CONDE LEITE VICENTE in the  Internal Committee fro Quality's Guarantee  (CIGC) 
Congratulations to them! and welcome!
Kind regards
Academic Committee

Erasmus call: deadline November 14th

Erasmus programme
Destimations for students from the Master in Economics or Doble Master ICCP Economics:
Nº Orden
Nombre Institución
Nº students
Nº months
Requisites Language
German (B1) English
German (B1) English  (B1)
German (B2) English (B2)
English (B1)

This Erasmus programme is for mobility to be realised during this course (2016/2017) for several months. This is independant of the Erasmus funding granted to students admitted in the Doubel Masters with IBS or SRH.

Applications will only be submitted electronically through the application enabled within the identified access of the University of Granada (Universidad de Granada(Portal de Programas de Intercambio)). Candidates will Access using the ID number (DNI or NIE) or  number with which they are enrolled and the PIN provided by the International Graduate School.

During the application period, certifications of linguistic knowledge must be presented.

Calendar of the call

- Deadline for submission of applications: from 3 to 14 November 2016

- Publication of provisional lists: November 18, 2016

- Deadline for submission of allegations: Until 25 November 2016

- Publication of definitive lists: December 1, 2016

- Deadline for acceptance or resignation: until December 8, 2016

More information about the Erasmus grants at (in Spanish) :

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Double degrees with IBS (France) and SRH (Germany): MEETING on Thursday November 10th 12:45 in E09

Tomorrow, the academic committee will meet with the students interested in the Double degrees. If you already applied or wish to apply, your attendance is important.
You may be interested in reading some answers to FAQ concerning this topic:
You can find the call, the application form and more information about:
Double Master’s Degree in Economics and International Management with SRH here:
- Double Degree Program in Management (IBS UGR)
Deadline for submission of applications: from 3rd to 11th, November, 2016.
Academic committee

Election of students' representatives: Thursday November 10th at 12.30 in E09

Dear students,
As you may know, there are two committees in the Master which should include a representative of students from the Master in Economics. It can be two different students or the same one in both committee.
The first committee is the Academic Committee (CAM) in charge of the main decisions regarding the programs of the master, selection of students, assignation of supervisors for the master's thesis, organization of internships, mobility, etc
The second committee is the Internal Committee fro Quality's Guarantee  (CIGC) that organises the evaluation process of the programme, analyses the results of the surveys, propose measure to be taken to improve the degree.
The election of the representatives will take place tomorrow on Thursday November 10th in E09 at 12.30. Your attendance is very important because half of the students's attendance is needed for the election to be valid.
Best Regards
Academic committee

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Questions about Double Master with SRH and IBS

Here I have several questions from a student from the Double Master ICCP + Economics related to the Double Master with Berlin. The answers are of interest both for students from the double master and for the others. They also apply for the Double Master with France.

“When may students from the Double Master ICCP + Economics apply for the Double Master with SRH or IBS?” In November of their second year. For example, students who enrolled the Double Master ICCP + Economics in 2015/2016 should apply for the Double Master with IBS or SRH this week (until November 11) for a third year abroad, during the course in 2017/2018.


“If I were to be accepted to go to Berlin, I would not have to enroll the Master’s thesis module of Master in Economics at Granada since I will do it in Berlin. Does this mean that I do not have to attend the 8 compulsory seminars?”

No, not exactly. You'll have to prepare and defend a Master’s thesis in Granada and another one in Berlin.

Students from UGR admitted in the Double degree will pay (and enroll) the credits corresponding to the master’s thesis (TFM) at UGR during the course they realize in order to meet the requirement of being a student of the UGR during their stay abroad. However, we allow students to prepare and defend their TFM during the previous year. Although the mark will only be recorded in the following year once they finish their stay abroad. Attendance at seminars is computed on 1 point out of 10 in the evaluation of TFM presented in the Master in Economics at Granada so you must attend these seminars before you go.

“In Berlin I will attend several courses and TFM, what tuition should pay at SRH and at UGR?”

During the year in Berlin students from UGR only pay tuitions corresponding with TFM at UGR (8 ECTS). You have to take different courses in SRH including a master’s thesis of 20 ECTS (see description:

The same occurs at IBS (France) but the thesis is 15 ECTS and 15 ECTS of internships (see

“It is indicated on the website of the Master that students will be responsible for their costs abroad the partner universities will seek to obtain funds to assist in the financing of the mobility periods, especially under the Erasmus programme. So can I obtain an Erasmus grant to fund my stay? What should I do to get that grant?”

The student does not have to pay tuition fees abroad (only the tuition fees at UGR) but they have to pay any fees legally established for the issuing of the degree certificate, travel costs, insurance, etc.

All students accepted into one of the Double Master will receive the Erasmus fund but it does not cover the months in internships. Once accepted into the Double Master, the international relations department of UGR awards the scholarships. You do not have to apply to it.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Call to apply to Double degrees with IBS (France) and SRH (Germany):

Selected students from the Master in Economics have the possibility to obtain an official Master’s Degree in Economics at the University of Granada and an official Grade Master at IBS Business School (France) or an official Master’s Degree in International Management at SRH Hochschule Berlin (Germany).
  • The nominal length of study is 2 years (or 4 semesters).
  • The language of the double degree programme is English at both institutions.
  • Selected students will study the first academic year at UGR (MEIM) and the second academic year at IBS or in Paris or in Bordeaux (France) or at SRH (Berlin, Germany)

In the next weeks we are going to select students from the Master in Economics (or from the Doble Master ICCP-Economics) to study next year abroad: 6 students could go to IBS and 5 students to SRH
 The deadline to apply is November 11th. Students can apply to both Double degree.

You can find the call, the application form and more information about:
Double Master’s Degree in Economics and International Management with SRH here:
- Double Degree Program in Management (IBS UGR)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Beginning of the course

All students have registered yet. We have plenty of nationalities!:

- 15 students in the first year of the Bilingual Double Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and Economics

- 24 students of the Master Economics coming from several places in Spain and from Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), Tetuan (Morocco), Nueva York (USA), Röthenbach (Switzerland), Guayaquil (Ecuador), Mulago (Uganda), Hulsberg  (Netherlands), San Petersburgo (Rusia), Lanzhou (China), Bordeaux (France)

- 1 Erasmus student from Giessen (Germany)

Classes start on next Monday October 24th.

Classes will take place in room E09 except some classes that take place in the computer room (Sala informatica numero 3) Building B.

Yesterday, we had a welcome meeting for our new students. We have shared a pleasant and useful moment.
If you couldn't assist, you can find the presentation at: