Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How to apply to Master in Economics?

In order to undertake an Official Master’s Degree at the University of Granada you must first pre-enrol electronically via the Junta de Andalucía : http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/innovacioncienciayempresa/sguit/

You can obtain additional information regarding the pre-enrolment process and enrolment in general , information about the key dates athttp://www.ugr.university/pages/prospective_students/masters_students/applying-and-admissions

We recall prospective students and in particular foreign students, that  we have prepared a guideline to help you to fulfill the ADMISSION APPLICATION (pre-enrollment) . This application is in Spanish then this guideline may help you : http://masteres.ugr.es/ugrme/pages/info_administrativa/gfa


In particular, read carefully information on page 13 regarding the document to be uploaded to certify your Bachelor fulfill the requisites:

Fill in the boxes: “VIAS DE ACCESO”.


       -  Poseo un título universitario español que me habilita para el acceso a másteres oficiales. Click this  option to access masters if you own a Spanish university degree.

       - Poseo un título universitario obtenido en el extranjero y que NO he homologado en España y que me habilita para el acceso a másteres oficiales. Click this option if you own a university degree obtained abroad that enables you to access official master's degrees in your country that hasn’t been approved in Spain .

       - Poseo un título universitario obtenido en el extranjero y que he homologado en España y que me habilita para el acceso a másteres oficiales. Click this option if you own a university degree obtained abroad that enables you to access official master's degrees in your country that has been approved in Spain

Note: we recommend you to read the section Estudiantes que estén en posesión de un título universitario extranjero no homologado en España por el equivalente al nivel de grado y que faculte en el país de origen para cursar estudios de posgrado. At http://escuelaposgrado.ugr.es/pages/masteres_oficiales/tramites_admin_alumnos_master/preinscripcion_matricula

Monday, July 18, 2016

Which credentials are accepted by UGR to certify B1 English level?

If you wonder how to demonstrate your English level to apply to Master in Economics, please find in this link  the credentials accepted by University of Granada


In particular, certificates from "Centro de Lenguas Modernas" are accepted..

How to apply for the study stay abroad? and for the double degree?

Here I have a question from a prospective student: "Hello , I am finding out about this master and it is not clear to me how I apply to the different possibilities. I'd like to course one year in Berlin or at least one stay abroad. How can I choose  the year in Berlin? (I've seen that it's only for 10 students) and , concerning the stay abroad. is it possible for all students?   or there are limited places? Thank you very much for your time, I am waiting for your response. "

Students who wish to apply for the double degree  with SRH Berlin (Germany) or IBS Paris or Bordeaux (France) should:

1) enroll as a student of the Master in Economics

2) submit to the call to be published in October - November  to be selected (6 students can go to IBS and 5 to SRH).

(3) Selection is based on marks, language level in English and language of the country, motivations.

4) Language  requirement:

-  for IBS: credential of B2 in English. B1 in French language is also recommended.

-  for SRH: credential of B2 in English. B1 in GERMAN language is also recommended..  SRH reserves the right to examine the application of students who submit a FCE with Grade C on an individual basis in cooperation with their language center. Grade B and Grade A of the FCE will be immediately accepted as a proof of sufficient English language skills. see http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams/first/results/  for more details.

Regarding  Erasmus stays during 2016 / 2017, a call for application is also published in November for different destinations with the same requirements. The number of places is limited, but so far, it has not been covered in any year.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Timetables course 2016/2017

Classes for next course will start on  October Monday 24 .

During the previous week, an information meeting will be organised to welcome new students.

Timetables ar already available in the webpage of the master:

We highly recommend to students, they check our recommendations concerning itineraries and the contents of subjects before they enrolled.

Master thesis Defense

Last Friday , 6 students of the Master in Economics has defended successfully their master thesis. Congratulations to all of them! The members of the evaluation committee were: Pr Daniel Arias (President), Pr Natalia Jimenez (Secretary) and Pr. Teresa García. When giving the results, the president explained that better marks were assigned to dissertations that include, apart from an excellent survey, an original contribution of the candidates. The better marks were given to   :
Ángela Mª González Medina
Supervisor: Juan Francisco Muñoz Rosas
Title of the Master Thesis: An analysis of the impact of various sampling designs on the headcount index. A simulation study based on the EU-SILC
Laura Ruiz Santiago
Supervisor: José Benítez Amado
Title of the Master Thesis:  Does social media capability amplify the effect of corporte social responsibility on employer reputation? Yes
Congratulations to all the candidates and supervisors!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Call for Master Dissertation

Dear student,

The call for Master Thesis defense is available at http://masteres.ugr.es/ugrme/pages/investigacion/tfm/fechas

Master thesis defense will take place in room Salón de Grados on July 15th. The Evaluation Committee will inform by email the student about the decision and communicate the hour, date and place of the viva, at least 10 days before the viva.
The evaluation committee is:
Dr. Daniel Arias Aranda (President)
Dra. Natalia Jiménez Jiménez
Dra. Teresa María García Muñoz

Documents must be delivered before 5th July 2016, 2 pm.

Place to deliver or send documents: 
Secretaría del Departamento de Teoría e Historia Económica (B311), 
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales, 
Campus Universitario de Cartuja C.P. 18011 Granada (Granada)  
Phone +34 958 249 995

The following documentation must be delivered:
• Registration Form Final Project (Annex II).
• Approval form signed by the supervisor including degree of plagiarism from Ephorus TURNITIN application (Annex I). 
• Declaration of originality of the work (that is all references used are cited accordingly) signed by the student. 
• One printed copy of the Master Dissertation including an abstract
• One copy of the Master Dissertation in PDF format on CD or DVD  

Students should also send the documentation to mastereconomics@ugr.es with a blind copy (“CC”) to teoriahe@ugr.es, indicating as a subject "Documentation for Master Thesis's Evaluation" with the following information in the message:
• His/her full name, 
• ID/Passport number
• Name of the selected supervisor/teacher and research line. 
• Title of the Master Thesis

In case the documentation is incomplete or not delivered on time, the EC will disapprove the defense. 

How to get a transcript of my records if I am an Erasmus student?

Teachers have as deadline for submitting the grades till 31st July. As soon as they bring the grades to the School you will be able to see them in your Identified Access. In that moment, you can contact epinternacional@ugr.es and Patricia will issue you the Transcript of Records.